One of my favorite features early in the Xbox 360’s lifecycle was being able to play my music over whatever game I was playing at the time, especially some of the more grating soundtracks accompanying some sports and racing games. Unfortunately the feature has been conspicuously absent from the Xbox One thus far – unless you want to take up a huge chunk of your screen by snapping an app to the side.

When asked about the feature on Twitter recently, Xbox head Phil Spencer addressed the issue once again, explaining that “this one is just a prioritization thing with other work. We like the feature.”

He said that it’s “in the list of things we want to do, just behind other work we’re doing right now.”

Generally speaking, Spencer has made good on more of these kinds of statements than not, and indeed the big overhaul coming to the Xbox Dashboard next month is likely occupying the team’s time fully.

As Gamespot notes, this is one of the more popular features on the Xbox user feedback site, with over 20,000 votes for “Play Music from Apps without Snap (Background Music).” To make this feature truly killer, Microsoft would do well to look at getting more streaming services running on its system, including stuff like Spotify, or even look at making an Xbox Live subscription good for use with their Groove service (if only on the Xbox One console).

Either way, the feature is coming once the bigger fish have been fried.