If the head of Xbox is to be believed, the Xbox line will call itself home to the best looking console versions of every release moving forward. At least until Sony updates its hardware again, but whatever.

When a fan asked which version of Call of Duty would look best this fall, Xbox boss Phil Spencer responded by saying that the Scorpio will make Xbox king in the console comparison department from now on.

Here’s the exchange.

It sounds like splitting hairs on the outside looking in. Like, this immature arms race shouldn’t actually transition to sales, but it totally does. Some gamers want to squeak out the absolute best when it comes to their console experiences (I know, I know, “they should get a PC,” but let’s not talk about that right now).

Finding out that one console will be head and shoulders above another in terms of performance and graphical capabilities is landmark knowledge for some. Those difference could be what determines which platform a player will buy or which console they’ll buy their games on.

For the longest time, I picked the Xbox brand specifically for Xbox’s LIVE network and my friends playing on it most. This generation, I’ve preferred the PlayStation 4 since games tend to look and run better on the platform.

After the Scorpio? I might find myself back in Microsoft territory when it comes to multiplatform games.

Do these differences dictate your purchasing decisions?