Just two years ago, Sony and Microsoft released their new consoles. A few months earlier, all the big details were revealed, including elements like pricing and how DRM and used games would be handled. At that time, it seemed Sony had its fingers on the pulse of the gaming community, while Microsoft seemed almost entirely disconnected. Things came to a head with used games. Microsoft wanted to go all-digital while allowing people to share their digital games across accounts. A neat idea rife with complications that Sony jumped on with a now infamous video depicting how sharing games worked on PlayStation 4.

Fast-forward two years, Microsoft announced backwards compatibility on Xbox One at E3 2015 and delivered on it just a few days ago. This is something Sony hasn’t shown any plans to feature-match either due to a lack of need – they’re thrashing Microsoft in just about any month that doesn’t include a Halo release – or lack of possibility. Xbox UK took this opportunity to return the favor two years and change later. The video starts out imitating Sony’s bit for bit, with the two-person intro and the “step one” slide, though they do use the opportunity to clarify a few questions that people not following the development might have.

While the video is sure to spawn its share of angry forum discussions the same way Sony’s did, it’s ultimately just a bit of fun. Check out the official list of newly backwards compatible games as well as our list of games desperately in need of the treatment.