Xbox had an exceptionally strong holiday season thanks to a strong line-up of games and a $50 price drop. Because of its marketing strategy, Microsoft was able to put an end to the PlayStation 4's ten straight months of being the best selling console, and it claimed both November and December in the console sales race. We haven't been provided any solid numbers yet, but Microsoft has probably the given closest we'll see to an exact figure for a while.

6.6 million is the total number of Xbox units sold over the last quarter. Of course, this figure extends to both Xbox One and Xbox 360, and Microsoft stopped short of establishing where the divide exactly lies.

Despite the impressive holiday season, Xbox's overall revenue still dropped 20 percent year-on-year. However, this figure stands compared to the Xbox One's impressive launch at full-price and the retaining strength of the Xbox 360. With the 360 declining in sales and the Xbox One taking a hit in its price, it's a drop that was expected to happen.

With the Xbox 360 now finally eating dust, the Xbox One finally finds itself in the center of the spotlight for Microsoft as its main contender.