As we head into the Xbox One’s sixth year on the market, Microsoft is actively developing its next-generation video game console. Microsoft appears to have a codename in commission for its next Xbox.

The upcoming video game console to be released by the Redmond-based company is known as ‘Scarlet’ internally, according to Thurrott. Xbox, though, could be moving toward a position where it has multiple models for consumers to choose from. Scarlet could actually be a codename for the entire series if that holds true.

Phil Spencer, who leads the Xbox team, already confirmed game streaming is an important part of the company’s future. Microsoft has invested heavily in Azure, and it wants to see the platform used outside of cloud services for businesses. Xbox could leverage the technology by offering streaming on virtually any device.

Microsoft has also been pushing Xbox Game Pass since last year. The service doesn’t allow streaming, but subscribers are able to pay a monthly fee for access to a vast catalog of downloadable games.

Xbox Game Pass’ future seems like it’ll be about streaming. Microsoft might not need a full-blown console for that, so the company could roll out a true successor to the Xbox One with more power but also a watered-down model that relies on Wi-Fi and the cloud.

At E3 2018, Spencer directed a presentation that introduced dozens of titles landing on Xbox and Windows. Aside from new installments from well-known franchises debuting, Microsoft announced the acquisitions of several developers. Microsoft Studios is getting bigger to silence critics that have knocked Xbox for being light on exclusives.

We could see the next Xbox get revealed in 2019, but the console is probably several years from being released. The longer-than-usual last generation might indicate this generation will also be stretched out.