Microsoft took some time out at gamescom 2015 to do a bit of a video tour with the brand new UI for the Xbox One. The system will sport Windows 10, and Microsoft is touting the speed and quick ability to get to content.

The video you see above is a long one that goes over a lot more than just the UI. I tried to embed it so that you click play and it starts at the discussion of the UI, but in case that doesn’t happen just skim to the 47 minute mark.

Of course, they talk about that speed in the UI during the tour. They also talk about the community features, the ability to navigate a bunch of video content through the “Watch Channel” and a little more. Here’s a look at the UI in screenshot form, too.

The quickness of the dash is what I noticed most during the brief segment. It seems so, so, so much faster than what we have on the Xbox One currently, and that’s quite a blessing for those who play on the platform a lot.

The dashboard update is set to roll out this fall. Stay tuned for more.