Microsoft’s update for the Xbox One, dubbed the New Xbox One Experience, is just over a week away at this point, and they want to make sure fans are as educated about the update as they can be when it rolls out.

In the newest video, Xbox Live’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb gives us a closer look at the home screen, explaining how and why things are laid out like they are.

One way the team is trying to help get users more comfortable with the system is by adding a little tile in the lower right-hand corner that gives tips on how to better navigate the interface. The tile can be blown up to full screen for more in-depth tips. You can go instantly to your pins with the right trigger, for example, or back up to Home with the left.

The Xbox One’s current interface is functional but often confusing (in addition to being very, very slow). The overhaul should fix many of the problems fans have with the system, but a totally new interface presents its own issues in helping make sure users know where their games and other content are located while still moving things around enough to make the change matter.

The update, which includes the backwards compatibility functionality, hits Nov. 12.