Microsoft isn’t all that big on reporting lifetime sales figures for the Xbox One console, and on the flip side, Sony is all too happy to brag about the PlayStation 4’s every few months. Perhaps now we have a better understanding as to why.

And we owe this leaked information all to EA. The mega-publisher obviously couldn’t “read the air,” as the Japanese say, because its Q3 financial reports have gone and unwittingly stated how many Xbox One consoles have been sold to-date. The information comes from CFO Blake Jorgensen, who claims that the combined sales of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One add up to 55 million total units worldwide.

When last we checked, the PlayStation 4 was hovering at about 36 million units. From there, we take elementary mathematics, subtracting the 36 from 55, and we get… 19 million Xbox One consoles. Not quite a 2 to 1 ratio, but pretty darn close.

Microsoft has since focused more on reporting Xbox Live subscription numbers and other factors to measure its success. Again, these numbers are not straight from Microsoft itself, but seeing as it is from EA, they have a pretty solid source backing them up.