While the Xbox One X isn’t out yet for a week, and our coverage is still a few days out, we have the system in house, in hand, and we’re digging it. Before we wade into everything Xbox later this week, though, let’s take a look at the system itself, and a bit of that beautiful unboxing.

Microsoft went all-out this time, shipping us the system in an Xbox themed shipping box. The outside looks like a pretty standard box, but inside, it’s all Xbox, all day. The top layer features a 60-page booklet introducing the system for us reviewers – how to connect it, the various compatibilities, and that kind of thing. I kind of think Microsoft should be tossing one of these in the Xbox One X box itself, as it’s a pretty attractive set of illustrations showing basic usage and setup, and it seems like it might be handy for some new users.

The next layer down features the media accompanying the Xbox One X. Along with a Planet Earth II UHD Blu-ray, Microsoft sent us a small stack of game codes for us to get a good look at what the system can do. Alongside a look at games like Forza Motorsport 7, Quantum Break, and Gears of War 4, we’ll spend some time digging into Super Lucky’s Tale and more.

Beneath all that is the Xbox itself. While many who pre-ordered the system will be getting the Project Scorpio edition, Microsoft sent us the standard model most everyone will be picking up.

When I took this picture, the system had already been removed, making this one ex-Xbox One X box.

This is the Xbox One X

Without further ado, here’s Microsoft’s most powerful console ever, the system they call the first true 4K gaming system.

The Xbox One X.

Check in later this week for more coverage on Microsoft’s fresh console, including a review of the console itself, some side-by-side screenshots, and some thoughts on one of the launch titles, Super Lucky’s Tale.

The Xbox One X releases on November 7.