Xbox 360 Games

Have a big library of Xbox 360 games? Good. You'll want to hold onto your Xbox 360. The freshly announced Xbox One will not play the discs from this current generation.

The reason for the new console's inability to play old games? It all comes down to the system's brand new architecture. Marc Whitten spoke with The Verge and Polygon concerning backwards compatibility, and cited the Xbox One's completely different system architecture for the backwards bungle.

I find myself in the crowd of consumers bummed out by this news. I said this on Twitter when I learned of Xbox One's inability to play old games, but I think it needs repeating. The Xbox 360 was not a stable machine. The originals pretty much all die *eventually*. In 10 years, I might not be able to find a working Xbox 360 for my games. That's why I want backwards compatibility.

Where do you stand on the issue?