XBox One - Product - Side

I’ve been playing a lot of multiplayer Spelunky the last few weeks, and it’s been a good reminder of how the current Xbox achievement system works. Achievements are fun (if you’re into that), but when you’re playing a game locally with friends, it can be hard to tell what’s going on when an achievement pops up.

On Xbox One, players will get a bit more information. In addition to showing the gamertag of the player receiving the achievement, the achievement will be color-coded. As Kotaku notes, this isn’t going to end world hunger, but it’s a cool way to get more in-game news to players quickly and visually.


Microsoft’s Marc Whitten noted on Twitter that Xbox One achievements will pop up in each player’s chosen color. This is one thing carried over from Windows 8 that I think works well. In Windows 8, part of customizing the Start screen is choosing the color of the background and the app tiles. I hope we can choose our color by picking out a shirt and wearing it in front of Kinect.