Two system updates are coming to an Xbox One near you to get the system ready for Titanfall.

The first update, set for Feb. 11, will bring a bunch of features we've been begging for. We'll be able to directly manage storage, order download priority, and view games and apps separately. Update progress will be better indicated as well. Here' Xbox Wire on the update.

With this update, you will find it easy to find how much space your content takes up and better manage your content. You can also control your install lineup and more easily manage your download queue. We've separated My Games and My Apps into separate lists, so you can easily create separate queues for both. Now you can pick the order in which you want your content to load and we've added a boot progress indicator so you can better track updates while they load.

On the hardware side, USB keyboard support comes with the update, and also, perhaps most importantly, battery power indicators, as seen in the image above, are finally here.

In addition to those more visible improvements, the update will improve Kinect voice commands and improve stability of the system overall.

The second update is scheduled for March 4, one week ahead of Titanfall. Details on the update are sparse, but Microsoft has states the update will include "many new features and improvements, specifically to our party and multiplayer systems."

It's a safe bet the Titanfall beta won't be available until after the first of these updates. As long as Microsoft is making substantial, beneficial updates to the system, I don't have a problem with frequent updates in the first year or so of the system's release. Both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One felt unfinished at launch, and anything the two companies can do to get them to where they ought to be is appreciated.