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Alongside a variety of exclusive titles and system bundles, Microsoft announced today a batch of new features heading to Xbox One.

The biggest of these is the official announcement of pre-ordering and pre-loading games on Xbox One. The first title to allow this will be Forza Horizon 2, which is set to release on Sept. 30, and FIFA 15 has been listed as well. What this means, though, is that not every game will be getting this option quite yet. As consoles and console games are more retailer-dependent than PC games, this is likely to continue for some time with exceptions being made for first party titles and games being given the sort of star treatment FIFA usually gets.

The system is also getting all sorts of media features for those who use their systems for things other than gaming.

If you want to play movies and music on your system, you can look forward to DLNA-based media streaming via USB and local area network in the near future. USB support is hitting first, and DLNA is listed as being added in "the near future." Microsoft has provided a list of formats in the original post, linked below, including mpeg 4, mp3, a variety of image formats and MKV files, suggesting that just about anything should be playable on the system.

For those who do a lot of TV watching, you can look forward to the ability to boot directly to TV soon, something especially important for those who have to share their system with non-gamers. Additionally, we'll seen be able to stream TV to SmartGlass. This is hitting first in the same markets getting that digital tuner, but the app will allow you to pause, play, rewind, and change channels on your SmartGlass device without interrupting someone playing a game on the system.

For a full list of features and file formats, check out the source link below.