Microsoft is bringing game gifting to the Xbox One store, giving shoppers the ability to purchase titles for their friends. Mike Ybarra, Xbox vice president, confirmed the news on Twitter, and said the feature's release is "not far" off.

Steam already offers the ability to gift games for those who choose to play on PC, but Microsoft and Sony are yet to catch up. That's going to change, at least for Xbox One players, who will soon find they have the ability to purchase games for their friends.

Ybarra didn't tell us exactly when the feature would be available, but in response to a fan on Twitter, he said the release was "not far" off. A post requesting game gifting on the Xbox feedback site has amassed almost 5,000 votes in the past three years, making it one of the most-requested features among players.

Presumably, Xbox game gifting will work much like Steam's. You'll be able to order and pay for a title for a friend, who will then have the ability to download it for free from the Xbox One store when they next login. We expect to find out more about it at Gamescom next month.