Microsoft’s big Anniversary Update, which will roll out to both Windows 10 and Xbox One, is almost here. One of the features gamers are looking forward to is the ability to play music in the background of games without having to snap the Xbox Groove app onto the side of the screen.

If you, like me, were hoping that Spotify would be part of that solution, give up hope, all ye who read on: It ain’t happening.

A user asked Spotify support if it might happen, and received a pretty succinct reply:

Right now we’re focused on our exclusive partnership with PlayStation, we don’t have any other info regarding other consoles.

It doesn’t say no, but that word exclusive is pretty telling. Sony and Spotify have had their relationship going for a while now, and it looks like that’s not going anywhere.

With the Xbox One S releasing on August 2, the anniversary update is likely timed within a day or two of that. Even without Spotify, background music isn’t too far off.