You can knock on the Xbox One for a lot of things, but you can't really praise the console and its creators highly enough for the way they've handled community feedback and applied updates.

The console has seen a fresh push of features every single month since launch, and each update comes with its own preview, a rundown of changes and explanations behind each choice. It's been little stuff, too. We wanted a battery life indicator in the UI, Microsoft added one. We wanted a way to control snaps more efficiently without a Kinect, Microsoft created one. We want custom backgrounds for our dashboards, we're getting them this month.

While the update for the Xbox One will be light in December, 2015 will see the trend of big monthly facelifts continue. Xbox head Phil Spencer was recently on the Major Nelson podcast. It was there that he offered this regarding the plan for updates next year.

"As we roll into 2015 we definitely have a road map for monthly updates. When they'll start up again we'll watch. We're kind of working through the schedules on those things now but it's a commitment that we have as a platform team that we'll continue monthly updates."

The monthly updates will continue. That's good news, because seeing the system tweaked and tailored roughly every 30 days is sort of outstanding.

Are there any features you'd like to see?