Spider-Man Takes Great Pictures

"Xbox, feed my dog."

"Xbox, iron my pants."

"Xbox, apologize to my wife."

Those voice commands probably won't be added to the Xbox One's feature set anytime soon. You know which voice command probably will? You can read a headline, so, yes, you do know. But! It bears repeating!

"Xbox, take a screenshot."

If you game on the PlayStation 4, PC, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS or Wii U but not the Xbox One, it might surprise you to know that Microsoft's console is lacking a simple feature that the other devices all have. You can't take screenshots on the Xbox One. No way to snap them, store them or share them. Which, hey, is odd given the fact that sharing has been such a pillar of this new generation of gaming.

Phil Spencer, current head of the Xbox division of Microsoft, appears to be listening to fan complaints and requests. That simple screenshot feature will supposedly be added to the Xbox One's updates in the near future. He suggested that was the case when chatting with a gamer on Twitter.

We'll see a screenshot snapper on the Xbox One soon, then. Hopefully we'll be able to map it to a button press as well as the Kinect. Maybe pressing the home button, options and then snapping the picture will work for all of us who have our Kinects unplugged. Microsoft will need a Kinect-less solution, of course, because it'll soon sell a cheaper Xbox One without the camera-based input.

"Xbox, leave a comment."