A brand new report today highlights the possibility of not one but two new Xbox Ones before the end of 2017. One will be a slim variant of the current model, while the other will be a more powerful Xbox One.

The word comes from Kotaku, citing at least three separate sources for both matters.

We’ll start with the slimmer Xbox One. The “more compact version” of the Xbox One will release before the end of 2016, and sources tell Kotaku that it will feature a 2TB hard drive. They did not mention the price, but this rumor falls in line with Microsoft’s history of mid-cycle refreshes.

The second Xbox is certainly the more interesting rumor. The sources say it’s been codenamed Scorpio, and this machine is set to release by the end of 2017. This console features a more powerful GPU and the capability to support the Oculus Rift out of the box. Kotaku‘s sources say that “Microsoft is pursuing a partnership with Oculus.”

Both hardware upgrades are part of a larger strategy that Kotaku says is being called Project Helix. This is Microsoft’s move “to converge Xbox and Windows.”

Finally, the sources say that Microsoft is changing up how they handle console releases with the Xbox One. Instead of a brand new console every five or six years, the company intends to release incremental upgrades to the Xbox One. Kotaku cites Apple’s approach with their hardware for reference.

So, what do you think? While absolutely still a rumor, the amount of sources Kotaku claims to have here is intriguing.