The Xbox One has a long way to go before it matches the PlayStation 4’s sales momentum, but it’s doing better than ever.

Microsoft reported the results of the most recent fiscal year today, outlining sales numbers and revenue.

The Xbox platform sold 1.4 million systems in the fourth quarter (that’s the April through June) between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. GamesBeat points out that this time last year they were looking at 1.1 million, and it’s all but guaranteed that an even bigger percentage of that 1.4 million systems are Xbox One this time around.

The company’s gaming division is seeing revenue up 27 percent over last year, with the Xbox platform up $86 million, or 10 percent, thanks in part to increased console sales. Revenue from Xbox Live transactions is up $205 million, or 58 percent thanks in part to increased digital sales via the Xbox Live marketplace.

The company suffered some losses in phones and such that these  numbers couldn’t overcome, resulting in a total $2.1 billion loss, but with a new OS coming and improving gaming sales, things are still looking good for the company as they head into the 2016 fiscal year.