Microsoft likes to hide little Easter eggs on their hardware. Usually it’s a simple “Hello from Seattle” or “Hello from Redmond.” It’s usually somewhere the owner of the hardware can find it, too. The first time I remember seeing one of these was on the first of two Zunes I owned (I’m giving you that one for free; see you in the comments).

The Xbox One S indeed has a greeting on it, but that’s not all it’s hiding. If you’re daring enough to take apart your Xbox One S – please don’t – you’ll find a tiny and adorable Master Chief hiding inside.

The crew at Ifixit likes to take apart all the hottest hardware to see how easy the hardware is to repair without taking it to the guys with special screwdrivers and licenses to remove stickers. Taking apart the Xbox One S led them to find the big Chief himself hiding on the side of the Xbox One’s disc drive bracket shown in Ifixit‘s photo above.

In addition to the hidden Halo man, the team highlighted a few other details in their review, linked below. The power supply packed inside the system is 100 to 240 volts, and that means that “you can take it pretty much anywhere there’s a plug.” The team gave the system an 8 out of 10 for repairability. It only requires a few tools to take apart, doesn’t have too many interlocking parts, and has a simple modular design. The very particular formatting for the (only 5400 RPM) hard drive was the main ding on the system.

Check out the whole teardown in the source link below.