It’s small, it’s lean, it’s Microsoft’s brand new Xbox One S, a revamped version of the company’s popular home console. At E3 on Monday, Microsoft brought the thunder by detailing the powerful new gadget during its opening keynote (along with other future hardware). If you haven’t purchased an Xbox One by now, the Xbox One S makes a great argument for picking one up.

Here are the important details:

  • 40 percent smaller
  • Power brick is built-in
  • Supports 4K; HDR support for video and gaming
  • 500GB model starts at $299; 1TB model is $349; special edition 2TB model will be $399
  • Controller has been slightly redesigned and now supports Bluetooth
  • Needs an adapter for Kinect

It’s a beautiful machine that’s impressively small compared to the original Xbox One. And the fact that the power brick is built right into the console should please a lot of fans. You can also stand the console on its side, giving users more ways to display the console among their TV setup. Hey, it’s the little things.

In addition, Microsoft is offering a Design Lab feature that will allow fans to create their own customized controller. Everything from the controller body, D-pad, thumbsticks, ABXY buttons, and more can be customized with more than 8 million possible color combinations. Controllers are hand made to order and cost $79.99; there’s also an additional $9.99 add-on if you want a special laser engraving.

Expect the Xbox One S to hit stores in August.