The Xbox One S you see above is, in fact, a real thing that exists, and it might be the weirdest console mod to come from an official source yet. I say “might,” because console manufacturers have been doing limited editions and one-offs at least as far back as the Dreamcast. I don’t want to promise there isn’t something weirder out there.

But this one is close. This special edition, limited to 3 pieces, comes to us via Xbox Germany’s Facebook page. It features styling similar to the Audi R8, including headlights, a controller with a leather covering and a giant Start button, and the part on the front of the Audi where you put a Blu-ray in before you drive it. The Audi has that, right?

To be eligible for the drawing for this rare and incomparable Xbox One S, you have to be a resident of Germany. If you are, head to that link above. Give the post and page a “Like” and add a comment telling Xbox DE who your toughest Forza rival is. Then, and only then, might you have a chance at taking home this piece of hardware.

Even if you don’t have this console, though, you can still play Forza Horizon 3 on Xbox One and Windows 10 right now.