The Xbox One May update is here and rolling out now. It's a bit more feature-bare than some previous updates, but it still adds some notable new functionality to the system.

Xbox One users can now send and receive voice messages not only to each other, but to Xbox 360 users as well. This somehow was both something that the Xbox One team didn't see a huge need for and yet a wildly requested feature on the system.

Dedicated servers for party chat have gone live, as well. Partially, anyway. The availability is expanding beyond the small preview group to an increasingly wider group as Microsoft tests settings. Dedicated party chat servers will allow players to chat with people they might've otherwise been blocked from via their router or ISP's network settings.

The third and final new feature is that we can now turn our systems on and off via Xbox One SmartGlass if the system is in Instant On mode. As the Xbox One gets new streaming abilities this summer alongside the release of Windows 10, this is going to be an increasingly useful feature, especially for those that make use of the television capabilities of the system.