Xbox One Headset Dongle

Are you the owner of a fancy pants headset for the Xbox 360? Did you drop $200 on the wireless beast and hope to use it for years and years to come? We have good news if one of your eventual consoles for the listening and speaking device was the Xbox One.

Microsoft will be selling a headset adapter for the Xbox One. You will be able to use today’s headsets with one of tomorrow’s consoles.

The news comes from Albert Penello, planning leader for the Xbox One, Kinect and Xbox 360, on Twitter in response to fan questioning.

We already know that the Xbox One will not ship with a headset in the console’s box at launch, unlike the Xbox 360. An official Xbox One headset will be available for extra purchase at retail. It’s set to sell for $24.99.

As someone who has a solid gaming headset, this is good news. Hopefully Microsoft doesn’t find a way to charge $20 for the adapter.