Xbox One and PS4 Consoles in the Woods -06

The Xbox One started 2015 with its best month ever, according to a statement from Microsoft.

The NPD Group's report for January is out, and Microsoft is pretty proud of its performance. The Xbox One took home the gold in November and December, outselling the PlayStation 4 for two solid months.

According to a statement from Microsoft, the system hit a sales record in January as well. Not only that, but Microsoft says the Xbox One enjoyed more games sold per console than any other platform as well.

In case you hadn't already read between the lines, though, someone else had an even better month.

Sony released a statement shortly after Microsoft, according to GamesBeat, that says the PlayStation 4 retook its spot atop the hill. The system remains the leader in total number of systems sold, as well.

So who wins here? Anyone who owns one of the two consoles. Competition is hot between the two systems and sales are more brisk than ever. That'll help drive prices down that much faster and push Sony and Microsoft to make their services more and more appealing.