In the world of gaming, it sounds like pretty much everyone had a good Black Friday this year. We, the gamers, of course, got tons of games for cheap. Market studies are showing PlayStation as the overall victor. Target sold tons of Wii U consoles – more than any other item, it says. As for Microsoft, the Xbox One is selling faster than ever and the variety of deals on offer made for the second biggest Black Friday in Xbox history, including record-setting Xbox One sales.

The Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Xbox One bundle was the most popular of Microsoft’s many, many bundles. The Xbox One overall saw a 22 percent jump in sales in the week of Black Friday (November 21 – 27). Xbox Live subscriptions jumped 40 percent for the time frame, and Xbox One and Xbox 360 sales, including hardware, games, and accessories, jumped by 57 percent.

While some of those systems are surely hiding in the backs of parents cars and under spouses stairwells as Christmas and holiday gifts, quite a few of them went right onto owners’ shelves where they used them to put in 325 million hours of game time last week, jumping playtime up by 196 percent over last year.

The Xbox Store’s sales look to have been a success too, with the number of unique paying users jumping by 55 percent on the Xbox platform and 88 percent on the Xbox One alone.

Along with all this information were a few other interesting tidbits. Games have logged 4 million hours of time playing emulated Xbox 360 games on their Xbox Ones, and in November gamers streamed 5 million hours of Xbox One games to their Windows 10 PCs, with Fallout 4 being the most popular. Windows 10 gaming exceeded Windows 10 for the first time ever in November. The Windows 10 platform saw its market share on non-mobile devices nearly double over the last three months, and nearly 30 percent of all Steam users are on Windows 10. Microsoft adds that there were six times more gamers playing on Windows 10 than on OSX and Linux combined. That’s punching down a bit, isn’t it, Microsoft?

While Sony’s monstrous momentum might be too much for Microsoft to slow down right now, it sounds like the Xbox platform is doing just fine for the company.