Rumor has it that Microsoft, like Sony, has some new hardware on the way. As we reported yesterday, this is reportedly a one-two punch of a slimmer Xbox One this year and a more powerful system, reportedly called the “One-Two,” set to debut in 2017. More information about this rumored system is starting to slip out via a report from Polygon.

If these reports are true, it sounds like Microsoft isn’t taking any chances this time around. Where the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One run at about 1.8 and 1.3 Teraflops currently, and reports about the PlayStation 4 Neo have it around 4.1 According to Polygon‘s sources, Microsoft is aiming for 6 Teraflops with the new hardware. In other words, four times as powerful as the original One and a third more powerful than the unconfirmed Neo.

Like the PlayStation 4 Neo, the system is expected to play all Xbox One games, and presumably any Xbox 360 games that have been re-licensed for backwards compatibility.

The report says that this is something that Microsoft hadn’t planned to unveil until next year, but the growing rumors of the PlayStation 4 Neo pushed the schedule up by quite a bit.

None of this, obviously, is confirmed, but both Polygon and Kotaku have confirmed that their information, independently received, appears to match up. Of course, Microsoft isn’t going to tip their hand before their E3 show in just over two weeks, so Xbox boss Phil Spencer doesn’t have much to say on the matter:

If this is, indeed, accurate information, then we’ll likely know more on Monday, June 13, at Microsoft’s E3 conference.