Microsoft announced that, in collaboration with Epic Games, it’ll release a Fortnite-themed bundle this week.

It doesn’t have a custom Xbox One S, but you do get some extras for the free-to-play title. The bundle includes V-Bucks (2,000) and custom in-game content. Epic Games created the Eon Cosmetic Set for anyone who purchases this bundle. Here, you can tweak your character with the Legendary Eon Outfit, the Epic Aurora Glider, and the Rare Resonator Pickaxe.

Truthfully, the Eon Cosmetic Set makes your character look like an Xbox-themed warrior. That’s what Epic Games likely aimed to accomplish, anyway. The studio-developer also assembled a Fortnite-themed bundle for Nintendo’s Switch, but it lacks a platform-related skin.

Check out the extras that Fortnite players on Xbox will appreciate:

With the 2,000 V-Bucks, you’re able to spend it in any capacity. But you might want to grab a Battle Pass. It acts as an easier method to unlock additional in-game content that you’d otherwise need to pay for with real money or V-Bucks. Needless to say, there’s some flexibility with the free V-Bucks from this bundle.

As for the hardware, the Xbox One S has 1TB of internal storage and a wireless controller. You’re also getting 1-month trails to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass.

Fortnite has been around for over a year, but it’s exceeded expectations and continues growing. Epic Games says nearly 80 million players signed on in August 2018. With fresh in-game content rolling in, it’s hard to predict when Fortnite might actually slow down.

Microsoft and Best Buy have already started selling the Fortnite for Xbox bundle in the United States. The price is set at $299, and thus it’s not any more expensive than other bundles involving the Xbox One S.