Xbox One - Achievements for Watching TV

Achievement Unlocked: You’ve binge-watched every season of The Wire in just four days, you loser.

Microsoft has released a fresh batch of screenshots that show off the dashboard functions of the Xbox One. One of those shots, featured at the head of this post, shows achievement progress for watching TV. Yep, it’s happening.

Specifically, the screenshot shows two separate achievements on Amazon Prime’s Instant Video service. Watch 10 titles before the end of 2013 (easy) and watch an original Amazon pilot with the second letter of the Greek alphabet (still easy, the show is called Betas). This is a really simple way to get Achievement hungry consumers to be entertained while snagging fake Internet points, something we all love.

Achievements for TV seemed bound to happen on consoles. What do you think of this new addition? The Xbox One will release on November 22nd.

While you’re here, flip through the full gallery of Dashboard screenshots released today below.

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