The Xbox One Elite wireless controller continues to, a full month after its release, be incredibly difficult to find.

Xbox head Phil Spencer took to Twitter over the Thanksgiving holiday to answer fan questions about the peripheral’s availability. It sold out on day one of its release with the exception of the Xbox One Elite bundle, and since then Spencer and other Microsoft execs have had to apologize for the lack of availability.

When asked about the controller’s availability for the upcoming holiday, Spencer laid it out pretty clearly:

I picked up the bundle on day one and I’ve spent something like 120 hours with the controller at this point. I feel safe in saying it’s the best controller I’ve ever held and that it was, for me, well worth the money. It sounds like many other gamers are feeling the same way. The current state of things isn’t much different from last time Microsoft chimed in on the subject, when Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb gave an early December date on availability, though Spencer is clearly hedging his bets a bit further out at this point.

Like Spencer says: if you see one, and you want one, it might be a good idea to just grab it.