The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 both have been subjected to a constant string of special editions and bundles designed to appeal to fans of certain games. Microsoft announced has announced a bundle that looks like it might actually be worth it.

The Xbox One Elite bundle has two bits worth mentioning.

The first is the Xbox One Elite controller, which normally retails for $149.99. The controller is a premium piece of hardware designed for hardcore gamers that want to get a bit more out of their gaming experience. The sticks and directional pad are swappable, while paddles can be added to the back to replace face buttons for games where taking your thumb off the stick can mean the difference between winning and losing.

On top of that, though, is the hard drive. The bundle will sport a 1TB SSHD – that’s Solid State Hybrid Drive. Hybrid drives, in short, combine the speed of solid state drives with the space of a standard rotational disk drive. While we won’t know for sure until units are out in the wild and gamers can start doing some real tests, what this should amount to is noticeably faster loading times in many games – 20 percent faster, according to Microsoft.

The bundle does not, it should be noted, include Kinect.

When it hits shelves on November 3, the system will retail for $499. For comparison, the standard Xbox One is $349, while the 1TB Xbox One, with a standard hard disk drive, is $399. This system has a much faster hybrid drive and an Elite controller. It’s more expensive, but it looks like Microsoft is giving us our money’s worth despite the bundle’s higher cost.