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Now that the buzz has died down just a tad for the Xbox One’s unveiling, news has started to spring up regarding the particulars for how games will be installed and played on the new system.

One piece of that puzzle is how the system will handle used games. In a move that’s rather disappointing for consumers who frequent the secondhand market for their gaming needs, it looks like the Xbox One has a measure in place to thwart that process.

Xbox One discs will be used to install games onto the system’s hard drive. Those discs will also be linked to the first user account they are installed to. If the original user gives or sells the disc to another gamer, that new gamer must pay a fee to Microsoft in order to install said disc.

That news comes from several sources talking directly to Microsoft, chief among them being both Wired and The Verge.

To sum up: if you borrow or buy a used game, you’ll have to hand Microsoft additional money in order to play it on the Xbox One.

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