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Microsoft’s Xbox One looks… I can’t quite decide how I feel about it. In pictures, as far as I can tell, it looks large, and much different than the company’s previous efforts. That’s good. You don’t want everything always looking the same. I suppose the design language can be put in the same ballpark as Microsoft’s Surface, which is universally considered a damn fine looking device.

When you design something that’ll be the focal point of your living room—gaming, movies, TV, music—it has to represent each of those things. Microsoft didn’t want to just unleash a gaming console, but technology that truly takes the connected home to that next level. Even though the One is meant to just fade into the background, it’s noticeable. Whether that’s a good or bad thing is up for debate.

What we’re getting is a more muted palette, no curves, just simple lines and flattened edges. It looks like every home entertainment player from the past several decades, but decidedly next-gen. It’s classic, but futuristic. Microsoft explained that it wanted the Xbox One to fit in with what’s already in your living room or game room, and it appears the company has accomplished that.

“Quiet, confident, capable,” is how Microsoft explains it. For a more in-depth view about how the Redmond company’s console came to be, check out Wired’s video. Microsoft was brave enough to actually show off what its next-gen console looks like, unlike Sony, so you have to give the company credit. It’s nothing flashy, and it’s not designed to be the first thing you see in a room. But that’s the point.

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