Whoops. It looks like an Xbox Support page has leaked the existence and impending release of a revision for the Xbox One’s controller. It even has some text that points towards a June 2015-ish release.

As of drafting, the “Get to know your Xbox One Wireless Controller” page is still live with this potential leak. At first glance, everything looks standard. That is, until you look at the diagram that lists all the parts of the controller.

Line 16: “3.5-mm port.” Yep, a headphone jack for game audio.

Xbox One Controller Leak

Then, if you roll down the page, you’ll get to a description of that jack.

3.5-mm port (16). Used to connect compatible 3.5-mm audio devices. Only available on controllers released after June 2015.

What is a 3.5mm jack or port? Well, the PlayStation 4 and Wii U already feature the output. Same goes for the 3DS and PS Vita, obviously. The port is for standard headphones, and the 3.5mm line is sometimes called a “mini,” as opposed to the 1/4″ large alternative.

Note that line 9 in the diagram is still linked to the expansion port on the controller, and that’s currently used for chat headsets. This new 3.5mm port would let gamers play games while audio is played through the jack on the controller, an awesome feature for sure. Need the house quiet while gaming but you don’t have a headset with a cable long enough to reach the TV (or wireless)? Plugging into your controller will suffice.

As the leak suggests, this mini out controller won’t be available until after June of 2015. Perhaps we’ll hear and see more regarding this new controller at E3 in a few weeks. Stay tuned.