Microsoft Xbox One-Headset-Connector-2

Here's an odd glitch that a few Xbox One owners are running into: Some games can't be played online on the system if users have Comcast's home Wi-Fi service.

This glitch was made known before Christmas as Comcast acknowledged the problem on their official site. Here, via Polygon, is how that text reads:

Comcast and Microsoft are aware of a software issue affecting the ability of Xbox One users to play some games online. This issue is only observed when the Xbox One is connected to a network via WiFi and when that network also has an IPv6 address. In those conditions online gameplay for some titles may not work.

Comcast goes on to provide a fix (go wired, obviously) and suggest that Microsoft is working on a patch.

To immediately solve this issue, we recommend that customers connect their Xbox One using an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi. Comcast and Microsoft are working together to further diagnose the issue and we anticipate that Microsoft will release a software update after the holidays that will resolve this issue.

This marks one of the strangest complications we've seen in the age of online gaming. IPv6 should have likely been a thing that the Xbox One supports, no?

Have any of you been affected by this one?