Microsoft's marketing deparatment fired off a tweet and a new video clip in order to drum up some more love for the Xbox One. Both pieces of advertising center around the platform holding the best exclusives of the year.

The problem? These exclusives mostly aren't exclusive at all. The tweet has since been deleted, but the trailer still stands. I assume the trailer stays because it's language is far less committed than the tweet.

Here's a screenshot of the exclusivity tweet, care of Kotaku.

Xbox One Tweet

Now, I don't mean to proverbially rain on Microsoft's "Xbox One is DA BEST" parade here, but there are really only two genuine exclusives in the trailer and mistaken tweet. Sunset Overdrive, of course, and Halo 2: Anniversary. Every other game can be played on other platforms, old and new.

I totally recognize that these tweets and trailers are designed to convince consumers to buy the Xbox One. Using words like "exclusive," though, means that consumers only have one choice if they want to get the stuff featured in the marketing material. Which, to be frank, is dishonest.

Microsoft pays a staff of people, both internal and external, to market its wares. They should find a way to do it without misinforming consumers. Perhaps the Xbox One is the best place to play Call of Duty; it is not, however, the only place.

There's a big difference there.