Well then, guess which game magically became the Xbox One’s best game overnight! The original Dark Souls is now available on the console through its backwards compatibility push, and it will probably remain the best on the console until a company can release a new game that can top it or EA gets around to making Mass Effect 2 backwards compatible.

As an added bonus, those who pre-order Dark Souls III on the Xbox One will get a free copy of the original masterpiece. This makes the PlayStation 4 the only modern platform that can’t play the original Dark Souls. Good thing I kept my PlayStation 3 up and running.

Joining Dark Souls on this trip into the new generation is Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which should be enough to hold over Tekken fans until Tekken 7 swims to us from across the ocean. Tekken Tag Tournament has always been a popular sub-series, so be sure to thank Bandai Namco for the consideration while it preps the big show.

Great showing from Bandai Namco in this wave of games. What are we looking forward to next?