Start getting your playlists ready; you’ll be listening to your own music while you play Xbox One this summer.

As part of Microsoft’s Build conference this week, a few new features heading to Xbox One were confirmed and given a solid timeline.

As part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, users will finally be able to listen to background music on Xbox One without snapping an app to the side and cutting into the game’s screen real estate. This was a fan favorite feature on the Xbox 360, and it has been one of the most requested on Xbox One since it’s release.

Additionally, the Windows 10 assistant Cortana will arrive as part of that update. The full functionality of Cortana will be revealed later, but Microsoft wants her to become our “personal gaming assistant.”

The update will also bring together the Xbox and Windows game stores to better support things like universal apps, cross-buy, and multi-platform bundles.

The update is expected to hit sometime this summer.