If you play games on Xbox Live a lot – especially if you’re either really good or really mean – you’re familiar with the Xbox Live reputation system.

The system is meant to help keep the pleasant players separate from the unpleasant ones, and it’s supposed to have algorithms in place to account for things like false reporting – the kind done as a means of harassment or as simple punishment for playing well.

That algorithm isn’t working, it seems, and Microsoft has some changes on the way.

If you click into that tweet and scroll down to the replies, it’s easy to see where the complaints lie. It seems users are being reported simply for winning, finding years of good rep discarded after a couple days of Gears of War. One of the problems comes from the fact that simply being blocked has a negative effect on your reputation. If you totally destroy me and I just don’t want to play with you anymore, you get punished when I click that block button.

There’s no time frame on these changes, but I’d be willing to bet we’ll see something roll out with the changes set for November’s big overhaul to the Xbox One operating system.