Xbox Live's Games with Gold selection for July has been announced, and at least one of the available games has been on my watchlist for a while. The headlining title for the Xbox One is Ubisoft's Grow Up, an accidental series that was born out of a computer programming experiment. This sequel wasn't met with nearly the same level of enthusiasm as its predecessor, but reviews and fans all seem to like it since it's actually a fully developed game.

Maybe grabbing it for free this month is the best way to get caught up.

It is joined by the indie game Runbow, which feels more like a last minute decision than anything else. Not that it is bad, but I think everyone has a copy of this game through some Humble Bundle or Steam sale at some point.

As for the Xbox 360 games, we have Kane & Lynch 2, a game that single-handedly buried GameSpot way back after it posted a scathing review. Normally, it's developers who create the video games, but this was a video game that led to the creation of a gaming website: Giant Bomb.

Now that developer IO Interactive has gone indie, this isn't the game it wants to remind the public of. Hitman: Blood Money or Freedom Fighters would have been better choices.

Closing out, Disney noticed we can't get enough Pirates of the Caribbean these days, so its LEGO game is here to remind us that no franchise truly ever dies.

Grow Up looks like a lot of fun. Be sure to check that one out if you like weird 3D platformers. As for the others, they're there if you want them.