Xbox Live mobile

A recent job listing hinted that Microsoft wanted to bring Xbox Live functionality to iOS and Android games, and Microsoft has confirmed such a platform is indeed coming. According to The Verge, the Redmond company wants Xbox Live to span every big mobile platform, and it is apparently building an open-source, lightweight experience that will allow developers to bring their games over to the service. This would essentially be like Google Play Games, or Apple's Game Center, only it would obviously be cross-platform, and tie-in to existing Xbox Live accounts. It makes sense now that the Xbox One is out.

Microsoft's goal, apparently, is to "win back" game developers from the competition by making it really simple to integrate Xbox Live with their games. This sounds like something Microsoft should have done a long time ago, especially since it's one of the most respected and well-developed social gaming ecosystems out there. The Verge says Microsoft currently restricts Xbox Live with certification and permission processes, but will implement a less strict policy in the upcoming apps.

It's unclear how close Xbox Live for iOS and Android is to launch, but when it's available, it'll offer familiar functionality, letting users keep track of achievements, friends and more.