I'll admit, I write up the Sony sales far more often than I do the Microsoft sales, but not today. This is one where Microsoft clearly outshines anything Sony has to offer because Sony simply doesn't offer it at all: backwards compatibility!

Over 275 backwards compatible Xbox 360 games are up for sale from today until the sale comes to an end of May 22.

Wow, that's a lot of games!

No need to change my usual format just because it's a platform I don't usually write about.

If we're going to dig through games that I associate with consoles and the Xbox 360, then both Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey stick out the most. Square Enix's exclusive Xbox 360 games might not have been the best that the company has ever produced, but my guess is that time has been kind to them. The horse power of the Xbox One will help them reach full potential as well.

Both Splosion Man games, the original and its sequel Ms. Splosion Man, deserve another look since they were among the first really solid 2D platformers of the indie movement. Ten years later, I wouldn't put it by them to still be just as fun. Just $2.49, too!

Ikaruga and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night bring a nice dose of retro gaming to the sale, and it's just a shame that Guardian Heroes HD hasn't been given the same backwards compatibility treatment to join them. It would fit right in with both of these classics!

And I'll close with a reminder that Catherine is playable for super cheap on the Xbox One and not the PlayStation 4. Seriously, that's getting beat at your own game right there.