When it comes to paying for third party exclusives on the Xbox One, it looks like Rise of the Tomb Raider will stand as more of an exception than the rule. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has indicated that buying third party exclusives isn’t really the long term plan for the game and console maker.

Spencer spoke with Chinese gaming outlet Gamecores during China Joy 2015 last week. When asked about third-party content, Spencer said that the focus will be on first party exclusives.

“My strategy is more around our own first party franchises, and investing in franchises that we own. I want to have strong third party relations, but paying for many third party exclusives isn’t our long term strategy…”

Rise of the Tomb Raider will hit the Xbox One first thanks to a temporary exclusivity deal between Microsoft and Square Enix. It’ll hit PC later, and then nearly a full year will pass before it hits the PlayStation 4.

Spencer went on.

“It’s great to have Tomb Raider as part of our line-up, but investing in first party, you’ll see more of that at gamescom next week, is really core to our strategy…”

That last bit is what I like to hear. Gamescom begins Tuesday, so we’ll certainly have more on whatever first party stuff Microsoft has planned.

Until then, it’s great to hear a strong commitment to first party game development.