I tried to come up with something clever for this month's selection of free games from Xbox's Games With Gold, but I just couldn't. The choices are just so uninspiring that somehow Borderlands 2 looks like the best of the lot.

Not that there is anything wrong with Borderlands 2, it's just that its nearly half-a-decade old. Many are pointing out that this is the previous generation build of the game and not the upgraded Handsome Collection remaster that came out two years ago. 2K just wants you to get a taste so maybe you'll feel inspired to upgrade.

Outside of Borderlands 2Evolve is the main Xbox One game, and that community has dried up by this point. Why even bother downloading a free multiplayer game when there is nobody to enjoy it with? Layers of Fear no doubt has an audience for people who like the booming first-person adventure genre, and it could be the surprise indie hit of the bunch. Not really my thing, but then again, Firewatch, Gone Home, and that crowd are successful for a reason.

Heavy Mission looks fine but forgettable.

Again, uninspiring but you can't complain about free games.

If I was already a Gold member, I would shrug at this month's choices. If I wasn't, I wouldn't be rushing to sign up. You can't come out on top every month.