June’s selection of games included as part of Microsoft’s Games with Gold promotion should really float your boat. Or get your goat – that’s up to you.

Xbox One owners will get access to Goat Simulator and The CrewGoat Simulator, as you may know, is an extremely realistic simulation of life as a goat, including such things as headbutting cars until they explode and licking things as a way of sticking to them. The Crew is Ubisoft’s 2014 open-world racer that had you diving into the criminal underworld and taking on all kinds of car-related tasks across a miniaturized version of the United States.

On Xbox 360 and via Xbox One backwards compatibility, you’ll get access to XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Super Meat Boy. Both awesome games in their own right, though they could hardly be more different. One is a turn-based sci-fi strategy game that has you facing off against an alien invasion, while the other is a head-bangingly tough platformer where you play as meat. Super meat, obviously.

The Crew might’ve had a rough launch, like every other Ubisoft game that year, but overall this is a solid set of titles presenting a good amount of variety, time investment, and game types. This is definitely a good month to have Xbox Live.