The Austrian arm of Xbox let loose the Games with Gold for April 2017 a bit ahead of the rest of the world. That leak means we, more than likely, have a clear idea of which games will be free for Gold subscribers next month.

The roster is… well… here we go.

Right, so this is how that clearly breaks down.

Xbox One

  • Ryse: Son of Rome, April 1 – April 30
  • The Walking Dead Season 2, April 16 – May 15

Xbox 360

  • Darksiders, April 1 – April 15
  • Assassins Creed Revelations, April 16 – April 30

GWG for April 2017 is mixed towards positive

For starters, Darksiders and The Walking Dead Season 2 are fantastic games that you should absolutely scoop up and play. As is always the case with GWG, the 360 games work on the Xbox One. That’s the standard.

I’d say you can skip Assassin’s Creed Revelations. That game, for me, is where the series really starts to lose sight of what made it so good in favor of “content.” Oy.

Ryse? Boy, I did not like that game when it launched alongside the Xbox One. It’s a very, very pretty title, but it’s laced with quicktime events and a lackluster story. I’m really curious to see how new players find it, though. How’s it aged?

If this leak is legit, it’s a decent month for free games.