Console sales are down and software sales are up in the land of Xbox. Microsoft reported earnings for the most recent quarter, which ended Sept. 30.

Games grew by 66 percent for the company, with the seemingly evergreen juggernaut that is Minecraft in the lead. The $2.5 billion the company spent to acquire it still seems a bit crazy, but the property continues to be a strong seller for them. Xbox Live, similarly, grew pretty nicely. An increase by 17 percent was fueled by people spending money more frequently and in bigger chunks as digital game sales continue to grow.

Both of those increases were likely driven by the 28 percent increase in active Xbox Live users, which grew to 39 million.

Consoles, on the other hand, fell by 17 percent. This, says Microsoft, was mostly due to a drop in Xbox 360 consoles sold. Between the improvements on the software and subscription side and the slower system sales, the gaming group at Microsoft saw revenue increase slightly.

Xbox is part of Microsoft’s More Personal Computing division, and that group saw revenue fall to $9.3 billion from $11.3 billion previously, while the overall company saw revenue of $20.4 billion, down from $23.2 billion.