The service spent a week available only to Xbox Live Gold members, but now anyone can subscribe regardless of whether you’re paying for an Xbox Live subscription or not.

The service features over 100 Xbox One and 360 titles (35 and 75, respectively, according to VG247), any of which you can download at anytime and play on or offline to completion as if you owned the game. The service costs $9.99 per month, and the games are playable as long as they’re available on the service. Just like with all the video-streaming services out there, Microsoft will be swapping out some of the games each month to bring in new ones.

While the Xbox Live Gold pass is not required to subscribe to the service and play the games, multiplayer access does still require the Gold membership. And Xbox 360 owners: sorry, you’re out of luck. This service is only available on Xbox One.

Games, games, games

Some big games currently on the service include Halo 5: Guardians, the BioShock series, Gears of War 1-3, Gears of War Judgment, Gears of War UltimateMad Max, and XCOM: Enemy Within. Smaller games on the service include Braid, Pac-Man CE DX+, Olli Olli, and Defense Grid 1&2. There are also tons of Sega classics and games from developers like Double Fine on the service.

If you’re curious to check it out, Microsoft is offering a 14-day free trial.