Mr Fusion

A brand new domain registration ticket shows that Microsoft has added a potential moniker to their next-gen Xbox. Maybe we can stop calling it the Xbox 720 now? Nope, not yet, this is still a rumor.

Fusible, a site that essentially uses domain registrations to piece together news and rumors, has discovered that Microsoft recently registered the "" domain name. Thus, the rumor running the mill today is that the next Xbox will be called the Xbox Fusion.

Of course, there are folks like me who hope this points to a brand new Fusion Frenzy launch title. Man, remember Fusion Frenzy? Loved that game.

This is a rumor until officially confirmed. We'll know what Microsoft is calling their new console at the May 21st reveal that was previously announced.

Until then, do you love or hate the Xbox Fusion name? I'm not a fan, but what do I know?