We’ve seen a few solid Xbox exclusives from Japan over the years, but hardly anything that would be considered big enough to help turn the tide in Microsoft’s favor in that country. Lost Odyssey, Phantom Dust, and Panzer Dragoon Orta all come to mind, all wonderful games, all cult-classics long forgotten by anyone not “in the know.” The Xbox One landed D4 early in its run, and now it needs another exclusive to help it sell more than 100 consoles a month.

Xbox Japan Marketing Manager Masashi Inoue believes Scalebound will be the game to do just that. When asked about the upcoming Platinum Games action title, Inoue spoke high praises of it, believing that it will be the game to lure Japanese gamers in.

“Oh yes. Oh yes. I think not only it’s an exclusive for Xbox, but PlatinumGames is well known, and has big fans in Japan and also overseas. So, having seen those great demos, I firmly believe that that it’s going to deliver a lot of excitement to our customers, and we’re looking forward to the release.”

Scalebound does look like a lot of fun, and Platinum Games is one of the world’s best studios at the moment. However, I’m not sure if the lure of that game is that strong. Of course, hardcore fans are bound to try it out, but with Star Ocean, Dragon Quest, and so many traditional heavy-hitters about to light up the PlayStation 4 in Japan, I think Scalebound‘s release window is going to crush it.

We might see a spike for a week, but overall, it just doesn’t seem like this is THE one.